🧭 Expedition into community building

I am interested in being involved with this. I want to see strong communities and connections. I will contribute to this! I LOVE the work you have done on this and it is such a beautiful guideline for moving forward creating communities of conscious connections from small to high scale. :green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

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I took a wee discourse to try to answer your question @mbh66 without going too deep down one rabbit hole. :rabbit2:

Please see my exploration here in this google doc.

In a nutshell, if we don’t build tools for collective healing and trust into one another and institutions, we will only mirror the already existing silos onto the blockchain where the flow of Seeds replaces the transaction of money.

I hope I could capture the essence. :two_hearts:

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Whoooop whoooop :dancer:

Yay, love to have you on this expedition Rachel :sparkles:

creating communities of conscious connections from small to high scale.

I could have not said it better :raised_hands::rainbow::green_heart:

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Two quick observations:

  1. The younger generation are definitely not “super connected with social media” - that is merely an illusion which users believe. There are all kinds of studies around social media, narcissism and depression. That’s because users are trying to outdo each other with posts and images that do not reflect their reality. Long story, but social media is doing more harm than good in the ‘connected’ debate.
  2. Re: mirror existing silos. I would go further by saying “mirror existing polarities” by which I mean that we are often only asked to see two opposing views e.g. democrat or republican, black or white, fiat or token, corporate or grassroots. Seldom is a third, middle way presented.

I’ve seen so many SEEDS proposal where the underlying energy is “all big business is bad” and “all fiat currencies are bad.” I believe we need to move beyond polarities like this to create partnerships. I see your proposed community playing a crucial role in helping us get past the blame and finger-pointing to a world where collaboration even with parties we would have up to now perceived as “enemies” becomes the norm.

Make sense?


I am 100% with you on all your observations coming from the other end the activism space. :fire:

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Thank you @Kath.PlanetHive for initiating this exploration. Below is a request to see how we can take this expedition into more “Learning by Doing” mode!


Upon completion of Ambassador Academy training, I have taken on the task of facilitating SEEDs Kenya Circle from a BioRegion perspective in mind. Kenya Circle has received 300,000 seeds for now and the network currently comprises of 220+ users (onboarded over 2 - 3 months).

In order to support this growth, there is need to build capacity as well as sense of community, thus I would request your help if you could participate in hands on expedition to nurture “Sense of Community”, by organizing events similar to what Joost from Hypha’s People Circle does.

Call to Action

Tentatively we are planning to put in a coop proposal for Kenya Ambassador Academy for next lunar cycle. If you would like to participate in supporting this effort (for proposed training in about 2 - 3 months from now), then can you comment in the document, how we could add Community Building aspects to the training and include seeds compensations if any.


Kenya SEEDs Circle coop proposal
Kenya SEEDs discord server
Kenya SEEDs accounts

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Wow @Aryabhatta I am impressed with the wonderful work of yours in growing the Kenya Circle. Well done! :sparkles:

Yes, a ‘learning by doing’ mode is music to my ear. :dancer:

I would like suggest that we discuss this and other opportunities in a first sensing gathering. Would that be alright with everyone? @mbh66 @RachelR @Aryabhatta

Can I ask where everyone (timezone) is located?

:100: percent agree - awesome work Aryabhatta!
Since I am also interested in kicking off a bioregional initiative in (South) Africa, I’d be very interested in being involved.
Time Zone: UCT +2 (CAT - should be same as Kenya).

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Cheers @mbh66 :raised_hands:

I’ve put our timezones next to each other. The World Clock Meeting Planner - Results

I am happy to schedule a meeting between 7am and 7pm NZT. What would work best for you? @mbh66 @Aryabhatta

@RachelR would any of the suggested time work for you?

Best for me would be 7am or 7pm NZT but can be flexible if another time works best.

1st Sensing Gathering

Kia ora lovely explorers :wave:t4:

In our first sensing gathering I would like to explore if we are asking the right questions and how they can be adapted to different audiences, if needed.

Second I would like to look at the levels, Michael proposed in a different thread:

  • Nano (the personal level)
  • Micro (the organisational level - home, church, school, business, government, etc.)
  • Meso (the bioregional level)
  • Macro (the economic, ecological and social level, taking into account the rise and fall of earlier civilisations)
  • Supra (the planetary level, taking into account the relative ease with which species adapt to changes in their environment).

I was hoping we could gather some group sensing on how the questions we are exploring can bring life to different levels.

My sense is that the more wisdom we gather the better we will be able to read the game guide through different lenses and ultimately co-develop play books for different players.

Does that sound like a good first step? What else is alive for you?

I followed Michael’s advice to use when2meet for organising a time for this gathering. So please manifest yourself here: RE Sensing: Community Building - When2meet

I will then create a calendar invite and provide you all with a zoom link. :rainbow:

Go well :green_heart:


Beautiful, Kath!
I am going to record a 3-5min video showing flow between Public, Private and Plural, which I think will be a nice demonstration of how flow also happens from Nano to Supra. Really looking forward to this exchange, whether it’s vai Zoom or in the forum. The result of this engagement could be a real deliverable to the rest of RE and the wider SEEDS community. As I think you know, I’m starting to feel a tension around the amazing chats RE is having, but nothing concrete seems to come from them.

Thanks for initiating this!


Oh I am so looking forward to your video.

I like the idea to gather here in the forum and continue the conversation in this thread as it is also easier to digest for other explorers compared to watching a zoom recording. :raised_hands:

I feel your tension, thank you for sharing. I could sense that both spaces became rather quiet during the past days and I was wondering if the conversations went somewhere else and I might have missed it. Which I highly doubt. Or if we are in the third stage of community building: Emptiness.

I guess we will see. :sunglasses:

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Here’s quite a rushed overview, which I don’t think will be useful to an external audience, but curious whether this helps with understanding the flow concept in any way. I’ll be re-recording, so all suggestions welcomed!


Thank you @mbh66 :sparkles:

I like the idea of a community fund as an enabler for all three actors. Businesses pay into the community fund based on their ESG commitments. Citizens and local governments can draw from that fund to support their regenerative efforts.

I hope I got it correct in the broadest sense as it is a beautiful framework to rebuild our Natural Capital. If this framework works it could be easily replicated to other types of funds to rebuild our other capitals.

I think what would help me to visualise the framework is maybe some sort of flow diagram of what flows between whom.

I have some questions I feel might be fun to explore:

  1. How can restor be an integral part of the flow instead of being a reference tool only?

  2. Why would actors want to opt for Seeds over another currency (crypto and fiat)?

This really excites me! :woman_cartwheeling: I can see a way towards true collaboration between all members of society.

I attended two beautiful gatherings on ‘What is value/What do we value?’ over on Earth Regenerators. What came back to me during these gatherings was the different levels. They appeared in form of a doughnut hold together by our multiple capitals.

I thought I leave it here to provide another view; maybe it’s helpful for our exploration. :compass:

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Damn… I’m always surprised just how much happens when I don’t have time to look into the forums … such amazing things emerge!

Thank you so much @Kath.PlanetHive for all this and so much more and of course the same gratitude to you @mbh66.
I love to join the Sensing Gathering if I can, though I have no idea about my availability right now. Am in the same timezone as Michael though so I should at least be awake when it happens :))

I would also like to take on the active part of community building as the Inner Space part and having some playbooks (btw. my preferred alternative title for the ‘Game Guide’ :wink: ) emerge that will have grade value for all of SEEDS, specifically DHO/DAC.

Speaking of value the capitals are interesting and I would love some details to this. Especially when it comes to community I feel Emotional Capital, Heart Capital (not the same) and Health Capital is probably just hidden inside of the hazy Social Capital. But then again what do I mean with emotional, heart and health :))))

Thanks for doing all of this to everyone!!

P.S.: Another special thanks to Kath for crediting me in the video for the art in such a wonderful way :kissing_smiling_eyes: :kiss:

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@Jedi :seedling: :raised_hands: Discord

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Thank you @MaxVBohn for your kind words and your energy. :sparkles::dancer:

Have seen this when2meet link? RE Sensing: Community Building - When2meet

I am happy to hold the space for two sensing gatherings (30 min each) to cover different time zones. I will share a calendar invite for the first gathering shortly.

Speaking of value the capitals are interesting and I would love some details to this. Especially when it comes to community I feel Emotional Capital, Heart Capital (not the same) and Health Capital is probably just hidden inside of the hazy Social Capital. But then again what do I mean with emotional, heart and health :))))

Yes, I am so riding the same wave. :ocean:

The concept of multiple capitals was introduced to me in a webinar over on Earth Regenerators. I’ve linked to the webinar on discord; take a peak when you have a moment. What I envision is that we take a closer look at value and capitals on this wee expedition.

Let’s explore. :compass::woman_juggling:t4:

Kia ora all,

I am happy to share the calendar invite for our first sensing gathering.

In this short get together, I would like to look at the questions I proposed earlier in this thread:

  1. Are we asking the right questions and how can we adapt them to different audiences if needed?
  2. How can we bring life to the different level’s while exploring the questions?

I will be holding another space exploring these questions later this week to be open to others from different time zones (check availabilities here). We can then synthesise our finding here and take it from there.

I hope this sounds like a good plan. :woman_cartwheeling::purple_heart:

@mbh66 @RachelR @joaoestellita @MaxVBohn

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