[EG] SEEDS Commons Governance

Just creating this topic to communicate that I’m creating an exploration group to design the SEEDS Commons governance along with @anahealingwords and @minos999 and maybe @joostschouten if he accepts. :smiley:

Tension: Today we don’t have a governance system to steward the resources from milestones in a bottom-up way. We would like to design a bottomarchic structure which will allow global DHO’s to have representatives managing the commons.

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interested :wink: - how and where can I show up and contribute?

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Ravi, can you please elaborate what you mean by this? I thought the SEEDS Commons Governance is already laid out in the guidelines that are up for voting with External/Internal links etc. What more do you feel needs designing here?

Hey Joost,

Here are some draft documents started by Ravi for the SEEDS Commons Governance.

Please feel free to provide input and feedback.
Would be great to also have a call to sync on this topic at a certain point.

Hey Apostol,

You can see from the docs shared in the reply to Joost the extended docs on SEEDS Commons Governance, following the patterns used by RE and evolving for the specifics of SEEDS Commons.

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added a bunch of comments in the meta agreements doc.

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