Discovery Mission: Value Streams weaving into Badges

I cannot tell you, Kath, how much these words inspire me - I soooo agree.

Have you come across the work of Ralph Thurm and Bill Baue of R3.0? I know Anneloes knows them well and I believe Rieki does too. Their GTAC (Global Thresholds and Allocation) model is one which I’m sure we will put to solid use in Seeds Tcubed projects.

In other words, a combination of:
Corporates+ESG+Seeds+Restor+GTAC = a very plausible pragmatic way forward, methinks…

Here is a link to relevant work Ralph has already put out: Ralph Thurm on Roam Research.

On a somewhat related note, I had a really interesting call with a UK-based executive coach yesterday, who I met almost 12 years ago in London. He is a non-exec director for 15 companies. He has received an environment award from Prince Charles. His wife received an OBE from the queen. In other words, they are fairly well connected.

I wanted to know from him whether the announcements about climate change taxes I’m expecting actually would be announced at COP26 in November. Although he doesn’t know the details, he confirmed that something along those lines will definitely be announced.

I then wanted to know whether SEEDS projects would help CEOs with their commitments, and he was ecstatic. He gave me all sorts of pointers as to how to handle the governance - very useful. But bottom line, he sees this as a HUGE opportunity.

From our transcript (regarding ESG, his words): "arguably it’s going to become the dominant capital flow movement of this decade."

Just wanted to share so that you know the ESG angle is going to be a very effective way of pragmatically getting fiat to flow into Seeds.


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Thanks for this inspiration and impulse. I am often very reluctant when it comes to measurements. As people tent to sell and trade everything that has a price tag instead of using the information more wisely.

I like the idea of mapping and spontaneously I feel this (what ever it will be) could have a place in the codex development. A map combined with the stars and a compass are wonderful and helpful tools to navigate.

This is what could be one part of the missing link @mbh66 often speaks about. Corporates navigate differently, as well as politicians, activists, artists or anyone else does. And still we use the same map. So it seems to me very important to get the mapping right. If it is a value and impact based map which might even be founded in the thinking of a circular (economy) world everyone can navigate in a way they like. Per design this should then always be good for everyone.

Having said this: how do we bring all of this together?

As @MaxVBohn rightly stated in another forum discussion we might need a DHO that stewards value based money flows. I consciously use the term of value based money flows which includes for me responsible and impactful money flows as well as the flow itself. Money needs to flow and we in SEEDS could become important stewards for regenerative money flows.

Money is just the agreement we made to organise the (economic) world. Not more not less. My feeling is that we would have the group that could design this kind of „Money flow wisdom circle DHO“ if not already a group of people is working on this where we can feed this in.
@Kath.PlanetHive @anahealingwords @Rieki @MaxVBohn : who do wee need to include to get this from a forum discussion to a blueprint of a DHO? Respectively who is already working on this?


Good question. I‘d like to add another question?

What if we have forgotten that the „measure“ for our life, which is our real value (impact) is time and if we are currently learning who to use our time more wisely then than we as a society (speaking for my culture) did the last 5000 years?


As far as I can tell, it’s this group that’s forming here…

This obviously plays into 🧭 Expedition into community building - #37 by Kath.PlanetHive

This shows very well the trouble of dealing with an holistic world view - everything is connected :)))

Metrics and measurements for life need to be very complex, so that they almost loose practical application. When it comes to value it’s even more complex since it is so very subjective.

I personally would not agree with time being our real value simply because the quality of time is not always the same. The clock might tick the same speed, but how we perceive it, how enjoyable and rich these moments of life are differs.

Filtering out what we value most as people generally and connecting their flow with themselves and entities of this world (Humans, Animals, Plants, Earth, Water etc.) could be a simplified version that maintains some holistic value-impact-flow for easier understanding.

But that is something we might talk about tomorrow in the call.

To answer the DHO question:
As far as I know no one has really been working on it. Rieki attempted to motivate people to do so but there are just too many things going on and people with the capacity to take on this level of complexity are rare.
It is a vital part though for SEEDS to establish (e.g. for the Contribution score, Organization ratings etc.) to really achieve what it wants to.

The DHO can be created just by saying it. There is no official route one has to take but I am happy to be there to assist with the setup.


What if we created a token backed by the value of an average person’s lifetime? Like the dollar was at one point backed by gold, but this time backed by the awesome value of each person’s potential. I know this is too much on the aspirational side, but it’s a thought I keep having…


I went on an unexpected but truly exciting discovery yesterday. It was probably the most powerful, wholesome and magical experience I had since I joined SEEDS and you all had a line in the song I was listening to while dancing around a fire. :dancer:

Samara was there, everyone from Samara was there but in particular you @Bongi :revolving_hearts:

Please have a read when you have a moment, I called the experience Rediscovering my burning flame for Samara :fire:

The question that came back to me several times since last night is:
Does this discovery mission want to be born as a Samara Quest?

To everyone who haven’t had a chance to read The Chronicles of Samara or watch the Samara gathering with Emily Lane from about 4 month ago, please do so. Especially the session with Emily. Magical :sparkles:

I leave my experience and the question that came to me here, eagerly awaiting how this question dances with you, with Samara and the wider SEEDS ecosystem.

Tagging everyone who was singing a line or two for me last night: @MaxVBohn @Melanie @mbh66 @Bongi @anahealingwords @Rieki @twakefield14 @guyjames @joaoestellita

Aroha mai. Aroha atu. :green_heart:


I can feel your energy, Kath - beautiful!!! :man_dancing:

Wow, wow, wow. I had no idea the depth you’re exploring in Samara. Truly powerful stuff.

I’ve added a Table of Contents as a comment to the video, which I’ll replicate here for those who want to skip the uncomfortable first 4 mins.
[04:40]: Emily joins
[09:20]: Attendee intros
[15:45]: Moment of silence
[18:00]: Check-in round
[23:45]: Emily’s background
[30:35]: How Emily works
[33:40]: Question from Emily - Do you feel you have clarity as a collective?
[34:15]: Slide from Emily - Inception Point
[41:00]: Opportunity for questions
[43:00]: Questions start
[89:15]: Emily’s closing
[96:00]: Internal discussion


Hello wonderful dancer @Kath.PlanetHive,

Thank you for sharing. Thank you for all your passion and work.

I feel you found something very powerful and important, precious and beautiful last night.

And yes, our visions seem to go in a similar direction. I just don‘t have the right words and the clear form yet.

:rainbow::dancer: :man_dancing::bug::butterfly::rainbow:

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Did you ever read the book Momo by Michael Ende?

I read it several times and I don’t get why the people started to sell their „ hour flowers“
My fear is that humans will sell there time even more than they already to by doing work that does not nurture them for money.

But maybe I read the book to often

Beautiful Kath, read it - Take a look at what I’m trying to grow in Samara. Let me know if it resonates: Hi, I'm Tyler. I want to create Omni Ventures. - Google Docs

Also curious how this feels to @mbh66 @Melanie as well!


Boom! :boom:
Love it, Tyler! I wish, though, I understood Samara’s language and framing a little better. Much to learn from my side still…
I made a few teeny suggestions in the doc, but overall - awesome!


@twakefield14 thanks for asking.

I like what I read.

As I am not yet familiar with the WORK of Samara I need to learn more about the purpose and how your idea fits into this.

In general what you describe is needed and it feels you have a perfect skill set to manifest it


Thank you so much for dancing with me. :purple_heart::dancer::fire:

Yes Tyler, I want to grow Omni Ventures with you. This is so in line with what I can see. Let’s grow and dance. :seedling::dancer:

I will take some time over the coming days to deep dive into both of our discoveries to identify the overlapping spheres and how they might weave together nicely. If we find the time, I would love for you to take me (and probably others) on a guided walk through Omni Ventures. :compass:

On a ‘cherish the little things’ note, me like the font you’ve chosen in your google doc. Not sure if you noticed but it’s also the font that PlanetHive called for. Alignment on another level, I guess. :dizzy:

Aroha mai. Aroha atu. :green_heart:


Oddly, what if it’s as simple as ‘follow the money’ only it’s ‘follow the seeds’… by how they grow to create a cultural garden. I always try to look at the Seeds economy in terms of the opposite game. There is no way to map this in terms of how we define value streams presently or arguably, any time in the past. Why? Because this is a living, thriving ecosystem we are building. What measures a thriving ecosystem? Diversity, diversity, diversity. So a growing Seeds economy anywhere will look different and yet hold one thing in common… a succession towards greater and greater diversity and complexity… known only by enhanced color, scent and flavor. We will know we succeed by the terroir of the community. So, storytelling in a way that both captures this complexity and helps us step into practice through sheer seduction. We measure with a compass, the stars and a pencil… because we are literally drawing the map. But I say no lines;) only circles and dots…and transparent layers. hehe.


Oh I love this approach to measurement, Tina! If we settle with lines for one reason or another I would like to suggest that we go with song lines (borrowed from the wonderful Tyson Yunkaporta; yes I have a wisdom crush :rofl::revolving_hearts:) - not sure how they fit in yet but I am hopeful it will emerge :dizzy:


Thanks @MaxVBohn so I will put some energy and thoughts in this and will start to create a resonance field for this in August when I am back from holidays and see if others are also interested.

Regarding time:

What I wanted to say and what is in my view not much different from what you say about time: Time is what we can „invest“ everyday in very different thing from working to spending time with others to doing nothing and many other things. I would be wise to spend our time on regenerative activities. That’s why I feel that time has a key role.

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@LaLaGardens So true - thank you Tina for this image and words. Directly the codex came up while reading.
The part of the codex that cannot really be but in words but we can offer the tools to navigate: seeds, soil, compass, stars, pencil, rhythms, songs…

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