Dear Exploring Reader
How did you feel when you read the title of this post? Did it pique your curiosity?

Simultaneously provocative, enigmatic, exhilarating, dodgy, paradoxical, militant, perplexing perhaps… The only reason the title of this post grabbed your attention is because I am an insider. I know full well how this two-word statement would tickle many of us. I’m fluent in the secret language of SEEDS.

My point is, OUTREACH COMMUNICATIONS (our sacred Story Telling) will only work if we fully understand the OTHER. I gently suggest that we invade the hearts, infiltrate the minds and seduce the souls of our fellow humans in order to learn their secret languages and gain access to their truth. So that we can learn from them what SEEDS really is… by successfully reaching them to the core.

Hence my proposals earlier on during our lovely REST meeting:

1 - Brainstorming group to co-create viral memes and themes for widespread visibility and presence. This impulse to succint, concise, condensed, impacting communication already exists (eg. the One-Liner topic in this forum).

2 - Identify our target audiences and classify them by their social context and spheres of influence (corporate, government, arts, education, grassroots, whatever) articulating our discourse to cater for each of them.


I like this Xavier! :rainbow:
Thanks for creating a post about it :slight_smile:

Let’s create exploration groups around the 2 topics you brought?
I would very much be interested in an exploration group to co-create memes and themes that spread like little flying seeds in the air :wink: :seedling:


Ahoy! All welcome aboard!!

Thanks Ana. I do think there is a lot of potential within the RE for cocreating something awesome in those fields. I hope some of the missing explorers in that session get onboard (thinking about Arian Pleroma, Jedi, etc). I will invite them, I know that Arian is probably too busy now but I’ll let him know all the same. Regarding Jedi, he’s gone out of my radar. Does anybody know whatever happenned to that hero?

A quick list of some of the tasks the group(s) COULD engage in:

  • Find historical examples of viral videos, pictures, songs, animations, podcasts, publicity stunts, advertisements, etc. Share them among the group members for discussion. Study and analyse what makes them viral.

  • Research the genesis and spread of memes. The roles of mythologizing, multimedia presence, crowd appeal, peer pressure, social media, cultic and celebrity status, popularity, mainstream acceptance, influencers, political propaganda, etc.

  • NFTs. Research and learn for a thorough grasp to achieve advanced, pioneering uses related to our principal aim (fast, cost-effective, planet-wide SEEDS dissemination).

  • Identify target audiences, master their inner languages, walk in their shoes, see the world through their eyes, empathize. Subsequently, articulate outreach strategies and tailor group-specific campaigns

- Brainstorm like there is no tomorrow

  • Explore the possibility of high-profiling some community members for public, highly visible roles.
  • Open up communication channels to work closely and generate synergies with the CDC and any other relevant organelles and projects of the SEEDS body.
  • SEEDS-wide campaign to source talent and ideas.
  • So many more fields. With your help, we will streamline all possibilities envisioned and play play play with them until we get enough clarity and focus to co-create some fine initiatives. And I swear I can see fun in the horizon…

Love it. Let me know when and where we start

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well, you know I’m GAME, :joy: AND… I’m kind of indirectly working in all the above categories…so thinking it could be sub tasks within a unified group.


Indeedy!! Playground time and we must muster the mustard cutters and assorted nutters. Who’s next?

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I am GAME 2 @LaLaGardens :rofl: I would love to play with you all. :woman_juggling:

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Hi Cath and everyone else!
Welcome to Astral Playground 333. The Roaming Prophets from Memeland and their merry entourage of Cosmic Troubadours have been waiting for you! :milky_way: :stars: :star2:

Welcome indeed, to the Interdimensional Seedpod, where synchronicity rules the lovewaves and biblical curses of eternal sweaty brows are disentangled from human lives by the power of laughter. Here, the alchemical opus achieves the transmutation of metals and mortals into the vegetal, living gold of boundless imagination :star_struck:

@everyone: Are we ready for this Dreamship to take off? How are our times this week?


Best welcome ever! :laughing:

I am going to lock this one in on the blockchain for eternity and for future generations to see that the power of love and laughter is almighty :purple_heart:🧙‍♂

Interdimensional Seedpod, where synchronicity rules the lovewaves and biblical curses of eternal sweaty brows are disentangled from human lives by the power of laughter.

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Are we ready for this Dreamship to take off? How are our times this week?

I created this crab.fit to coordinate times/dates: Crab Fit

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Let Life, Love, Laughter Lead Luminous Lassies in Liminal Lust for Land Liberty!

Congratulations to us all! The above has been confirmed by BOTH the Japanese Olympic Committee and the Guinness Book: We have crushed the current world record! Eleven relevant L’s in a 13 word sentence!!! Whatda! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Now we are cooking! Thanks Kath! :kissing_heart:

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Here is a google doc we can all populate with links, pictures, text, commentaries, videos, etc. related to our exploration. @Arian and myself have uploaded a few things already. This can be our first task, some homework first to ground us in the playground. By researching and providing our group with existing examples of memes, PR campaigns, viral themes, their strengths, weaknesses, uses, etc, we can draw inspiration, whilst educating ourselves.


Warning: Some of the examples provided are nihilist and devoid of the moral depth we seek here. Still good to have an overview of the full gamut out there.

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