Create SEEDS COMMONS to Steward SEEDS Milestone

Hey RE Explorers, please check out the New Milestone Proposal created by the RE Exploration Group with Ana, Irina, Mark and Ravi.

Would really appreciate feedback and comments from you on the proposal either directly on the gdoc or as a comment to this thread.

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Dear commons,

I have a few comments to help building up the document, and i’m grateful for the effort in putting it forward.

1st: I miss definition of what bounds commons. our “common good”
I could suggest the SEEDS Regenerative Economy the SEEDS Tools, the SEEDS community and we should elaborate on this common good we are committed to protect and take care of.
This would bound us together.

2nd the above would allow-us to better define what we should steward and take care of. the Milestones are a consequence of a journey and a “horizon 3” vision on the flow they need to be anchored back in that evolutionary pull.

3rd the understanding of both the “common good” and “common care” commitment (1st and 2nd) will give us criteria for the “eligible participation” and both the responsibility and commitment implied.
Imagining land as the “common good” they the land inhabitants all have a saying if they chose and commit to take care of the land.

4th representation: representation is a theme of scale and practicality but it should be done in a way that incentivises both “groups formation” and “system representation”. this is another criteria for “eligible participation”: I’m bonded by the common good, I’m committed to care and steward, I represent a system whole more voices…


David Gould: Can someone explain further what this clause of the proposal means: “After 3 lunar cycles without being in an Active Commons Proposal, representatives of Eligible DHOs are no longer acting as members of SEEDS Commons.” What does “being in” mean here?

“either directly on the gdoc”
I don’t see a way to comment on the doc.

Hey Jon, please share your comments here, the gdoc is not open for comments while on voting, to keep it clean and easy for people to read, as it is linked in the Light Wallet.