Communication Patterns

Communication Patterns for Increasing Signal, Decreasing Noise and More Joyful Collaboration


  1. General Comms

  2. Discord:
    Announcements and short form content.
    Use emojis for voting.

  3. Forum:
    Proposals and medium/long form content.

  4. Calls:
    Use emojis for voting.

  1. Could: Use could (speak from your perspective) and recognise, honor and welcome the other perspectives we all hold.
  2. Concise: Communicate in short sentences / bullet point statements. Structured
  3. Propose: When you hold a tension - try to form a proposal and present that with your tension as the first step towards resolution.
  4. Non-violent communication: I feel ___ Because I need ___
  5. Verbal (2 min sharing, unless snaps)
  6. Discord - short form (no proposals) / announcements - a habit of “take this to the forum!”
    Forums long form // proposals only! When something gets cohered on

Forum we bring it to the SEEDS forum to present to citizens and move to a proposal if necessary.

(New) Twitter - really short form
8. Everything is a story
9. Opinions vs Facts

  1. Focus on the steps and rules (use the constitution as a guide to move to Regen Civ)

  2. Come from the heart space

  3. Trust → Building Trust

  4. I commit to taking full responsibility for the circumstances of my life, and my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. I commit to support others to take full responsibility for their lives.

  5. I propose that we collect the proposals from this session that receive a majority ‘Thumbs up’ and no blocking objections, and post them on the SEEDS Forum as a header post expressing that by showing up and engaging with the Forum, you are agreeing to abide by these proposals.

  6. Consent (no objections) for agreements on our weekly calls. Once we cohere

  7. First, seek to understand

  8. Open Heart :slight_smile:

  9. 3 principles: Mindful, Listening, Awake

  10. Written Histories (blockchain truth).

  11. Any model becomes a crutch without being rigorous

  12. We communicate distributed more than decentralized

  13. Moving from safe space towards brave space

  14. Direct!! To the point (say it how it is) - ownership of receiving (triggers)

    1. Be impeccable with your word 2) Don’t take anything personally 3) Don’t make any assumptions 4) Always do your best
  15. Honor the history of what’s created. Don’t tear it down :slight_smile:

Link to GDoc:

– Forum this week… Discuss… Ratify the next call… Storytelling craft and make it beautiful…


Absolutely LOVE this conversation :heart:

Couple edits and comments:
12. the idea was starting from Trust in place of building it :slight_smile:
19. not sure I understand it
20. same, not sure I follow…

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@Rieki make the google doc suggestable/editable by everyone? Right now it’s with limited access…

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Things to add (consider).

  1. Communication agreement in Discord (or any space) / “graduated sanctions” for moderators
    1a. What merits a 1-month ban?
    1b. What merits a immediate total ban (spam and fraud?)

– Then I think we need to add these to the “welcome aboard” here in Discord so people can clearly see the rules of this community and we have grounds for moderation.

One thought while reading: may it be useful to add a role of „communication stewardship“?

Knowing that every person is responsible for his/ her own communication there are time where I see myself so involved in a topic that I am not aware enough of the way I communicate. I experienced it as helpful when a person reminded me, so that could be aware of my communication patterns.


In our communication we can use certain models that can help us in our communication. As for example NVC that is suggested in the list as well. I noticed though that these models should often not be followed too strictly as it might become a structure we rely on too much. Like we are walking with crutches. And it might lower our authenticity.

I like to add here that I like “I” statements most to reflect authenticity. It creates a field of taking responsibility for our words and not speak for the group without mandate. I also want to suggest to only speak when truly moved to speak. Moments of silence might be what is needed in any kind of conversation. Speak from essence rather than to react on what is been said.

We all want to be heard. We all want to be seen. I want to be heard. I want to be seen. Can you feel the difference in energy saying that out loud? Even more I believe I want to be experienced. As life and spirit itself wants to be experienced. Experiencing is what creates the bridge from being to doing, from doing to being. Experiencing is what creates the ability to be a witness of All that is perceived by me as reality.

Thank for allowing me to express. :pray::heart:

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About our communication on Zoom I would like a field of agreement if we use the chat as a parallel communication board or not. I noticed some people might be annoyed by a parallel discussion going on. I personally like the option to comment in the Zoom chat. That is probably the reason that I want to sense into it how others feel about this.

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@DaYa : I observe myself not listening carefully to the zoom discussion when I start using the chat. That’s why I personally try to avoid using it. Sometimes another person takes up what is said in the chat so I feel I do not loose something important with not looking at it.

My guess is that others are better in multi tasking (zoom listening and chat at the same time).

If I would be annoyed it would be my responsibility to say it out loud (or write it in the chat :slight_smile: ).

My view: no need to have a rule. It‘s my personal responsibility to observe my level of listening

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Hey! :rainbow:
Having picked up this Comms Agreement thread, here are some news:

  • we discussed it in the Storytelling Space and agreed to contribute with comments and suggestions to it.
  • if anyone has strong objections, please post them here and voice them in one of the Sessions next week!

The intention is to come to a shared agreement between Explorers² so that we can test this out in RE for a couple of months before proposing it to the wider SEEDS community.
Renaissance Explorers can be this beautiful organism that proposes generative changes in SEEDS, through research, design & experimentation.
Let’s try it out! :fire:

²Shared agreement does not mean everyone agrees. That would be near impossible :upside_down_face:
It means we do not object to applying and trying out this Comms agreement in a “good enough for now” mindset :blossom:

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