Codex co-creation 🌟

same here. :raised_hands::woman_cartwheeling:

@anahealingwords and others how can we contribute best asynchronously? What would be a good flow?

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I had a chance to watch the recording of first gathering between my earlier question and now. :sweat_smile:

Before sharing my wee contribution, I would like to thank you @anahealingwords for birthing your vision of the Codex for many weeks now as well as for holding the space for this very inspiring expedition. :sparkles::dancer:

If you all don’t mind, I would like to add a different perspective for the conversation around map/stars/compass in the form an excerpts of a dreaming story shared by Nyoongar Elder Noel Nannup with Tyson Yunkaporta for his book sand talk (page 53 f):

[…], the precreation reality was that space was solid, it sat heavily upon the ground, crushing everything that attempted to come into being. Earth and sky had to be separated, the Ancestors lifting up the heavens physically. Sky country is seen in our stories as tangible, having mass, in a way that reveals an understanding of dark matter. All that celestial territory is in constant communication with us, exerting forces upon us and even exchanging matter in the form of rocks crashing through our atmosphere.

Another inspiration for me comes from the symbolic knowledge he was able to share around the actual sand talks he was holding, invoking an Aboriginal custom of drawing images on the ground to convey knowledge.

Please do not use externally, sharing for inspiration purposes only. :raised_hands:


Ohhhhh I LOVE this @Kath.PlanetHive !
Thank you so much for sharing!!

Ok, so your question on co-creating asynchro… I feel we can find a good flow for it! It feels like the perfect time for it :slight_smile:
How would you like it?
Here in the forum is ok with you? I’d love if you started adding your inspirations, thoughts and ideas to the dedicated space on our Miro board also!! That’d be lovely :rainbow:

I am commiting to being a LOT more present here on the forum moving forward, I feel so nourrished and inspired with all the contributions! It’s magical :heart:


Thank you @anahealingwords for picking up the many different threads. I feel seen and included :revolving_hearts:

I’ll start adding artifacts to the miro board. I must admit the board isn’t always on top of my mind. And I am sorry for that, especially because I think it’s an awesome board and you are a true miro board queen! :princess:

Yes if we can keep the conversation flowing here, that would be fab and works well for me. I will add my notes from the last gathering shortly.

Thank you for your very kind words :purple_heart::dancer:

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Oh damn… I didn’t send this… so it was technically written last last weekend^^

I bring in my potential vision for the Codex with a bit more clarity:

It can be like a “Choose your own Adventure” book with multiple possible routes to take dependent on ones interests and personal choices (here is a video about these books).

It can start with a literal map, displaying all the different main subjects and entities (probably multiple maps) pointing to different pages on where to find what.

Every page has suggestions on where to go next to gain better understanding of SEEDS.

This principal can be applied to cards, a board game, computer game, virtual animated book or story.
It is modular in nature and can therefore easily be extended without becoming a juggernaut keeping you from ever touching it.
Online it can integrate many forms of media (visual, audible) to convey something and can potentially be used by Hyphas Game of Seeds.


Thank you for this beautiful gift. Exactly the images and inspiration I was yearning for :dancer::rainbow:

The idea of an adventure map that we can use to navigate the World of SEEDS is what I had in mind when I read Tyson Yunkaporta’s words on The First Law in his book Sand Talk (this wisdom crush of mine just has started :sweat_smile:):

Nothing is created or destroyed; it just moves and changes, and this is the First Law. Creation is in a constant state of motion, and we must move with it as the custodial species or we will damage the system and doom ourselves. Nothing can be held, accumulated, stored.

Every unit requires velocity and exchange is a stable system or it will stagnate - this applies to economic and social systems as well as natural ones. They all follow the same laws. There are three arcs (or petals) around the centre circle that show the way our social system is mapped onto the creation pattern, with three generations of strong women around every child - sisters/cousins, mothers/aunties and nannas. The granny’s mother goes back to the centre and becomes the child, and all of them cycle through those roles forever, the spirit of the child being born back through the land. Each one also occupies all of the roles simultaneously - so the sister is also somebody’s else’s aunty, and grandmother to her niece’s daughter.

In this way the system itself is different according to the relational context of the person who is seeing it at any given moment.

In this context he also shared this sacred sand talk image:

He said it to be viewed from a 3D perspective. I am intrigued by the idea of thinking about the value flow doughnut as a potential 3D Adventure map. :sparkles:

Can you see what I see? :thinking:
Value Flow Doughnut + The First Law = 3D Adventure Map

This also aligns nicely with my notes from the last Codex Gathering:

  1. View the hero story through an indigenous knowledge lens
  2. What is the community hero story?
    I left the recording with the feeling that there is more to the codex; yes to astrology and yes to the hero journey. What can we see between the stars and the hero? @MaxVBohn you gave the answer to this question of mine (I didn’t get to send my post earlier, yet we were talking :dizzy:): Adventure, Adventure, Adventure!
  3. Does the Wheel of Learning want to be the Gate to the World of SEEDS?
  4. And does the Game Guide want to be called the Wheel of Learning? :eyes:
  5. ‘Seven basic needs; our emotions are the key to our needs’. This is such a beautiful link to the inner space. I feel it is super worthy to explore this more deeply when we look at the nano sphere of the value flow doughnut.
  6. I love love love the Medicine Wheel of the Thirteen Clan Mothers. Could this be another entrance to the World of SEEDS; maybe for the community journey and/or micro, meso, macro sphere?
  7. I would like to learn more about contemplative journaling. I like your gifts to the miro board @LaLaGardens. Could this be one of the new skills one can acquire on their adventures? :woman_juggling:t4:
  8. I love the idea of reading Anneloes book! Thank you @Melanie :raised_hands: (Side question is there a book club in SEEDS?)
  9. @Melanie when you said ‘we put our knowledge in a pot’, I had to think about this Whakataukī, a Māori Proverb:

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi. With your basket and my basket the people will live.

  1. @LaLaGardens at one point you mentioned something like ‘per magnetism’ (?) - ‘it’s all about movement’. This is so aligned with The First Law I shared in my previous comment. It also resonates so well with my point of view of the economy of abundance. :dizzy:

Thank you all for this very inspiring gathering. :rainbow::dancer:


Here is my first draft of a Chapter for the codex. I was a bit too ambitious when I said that it will be ready today. 9 out of 13 impulses and the structure are ready so I feel confident enough to share it before our codex call today. The rest will follow in the coming days
You find my draft here

I could not access the miro board. That’s why I post it in the forum.

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Thank you so much @Melanie for this very inspiring and wholehearted gift! It’s magical 🧚‍♀️

I have left some comments in the doc. I haven’t had the chance to watch the latest codex gathering recordings yet, where you might have answered some of my questions already. I love the idea of the non-linear exploration. Simply beautiful. :sparkles:

I also wanted to express my appreciation for you sharing your experience of this mystical and fascinating pilgrimage we are on. I feel very privileged to walk with you. :pray:

We started watching Black Mirror on Netflix a couple of days back. The next episode we will watch and direct is Bandersnatch. Watch the trailer here:

For everyone who is late to the Black Mirror game like me, in this episode it’s upon us which direction the story takes by choosing next actions of the actor (e.g. what band he listens to on his walkmen; if you don’t know what a walkmen is, go here: Walkman - Wikipedia :wink:). It reminded me of the "choose your own adventure’ books you shared here @MaxVBohn.

What I find most intriguing about Bandersnatch is that you choose one of two actions for someone else. If I transfer this to our collective and individual SEEDS journey(s)…

Nerd Alert :nerd_face: aka this woman is dancing :dancer:

What if the Codex is the adventure map (user interface and user experience of the Game of SEEDS) the space where we ‘journey out loud’ and where you can support my journey by selecting between two (or more) actions for my next direction - and I in yours; here is a simple examples for when I arrive in SEEDS:

  • shall I attend the Ambassador Academy or join the Samara Welcome journey?

This could probably even work for our journey’s beyond arriving;for our regenerative contributions towards building a new civilisation.

How this could look? I think the Citizen Lab has solved this pretty good for local government and their constituents: CitizenLab platform: online community engagement tool - just as an example, if it works on government/citizen level maybe something similar could work for citizen/citizen (or SEEDS Elder Circle one could select for their journey). 🧙‍♂️

Or maybe I just described the SEEDS Passport Forum :thinking::sweat_smile:

Thanks for the comments and your wonderful words. I‘ll weave them into chapter 5 and will come back with some answers to the questions you asked