Codex co-creation 🌟

Hello lovely humans! :rainbow:

The previously-called RE handbook asked to be named the Codex. And so it is!
It also asked to become the compass of all the explorations we’re doing here regarding the game of SEEDS. And so it will be.

It is now calling for its collective co-creation!

I propose that everyone interested in doing so to manifest themselves right here and I’ll schedule a gathering next week to talk about it! :star2:

Already tagging folks who are excited about it: @MaxVBohn @apostol @Bongi @LaLaGardens @thaynara @cassius @psihognjen34

  • Tuesday CET 12h-13h
  • Tuesday CET 19h-20h
  • Wednesday CET 15h-16h

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Love seeing this come together! RE-space is blossoming, excited to see what will come in the future. :slight_smile:

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Ok, so I can’t see who voted for what but let’s schedule a call for Tuesday 19:00 CET (tomorrow :wink: )
Let’s talk Codex, Exploration Compass and see what arises :fire:

@ericbrown @MaxVBohn @apostol @Bongi @LaLaGardens @cassius @psihognjen34

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Hi @anahealingwords would you mind recording the gathering and share it here and/or discord afterwards? I would then watch it as soon as I get up. :dancer:

Can’t make this time slot today unfortunately, can your record this please? :slight_smile:

Heeeeyyy dear friends @here?

Is anyone available now? Because if it’s not the case , let’s reschedule! :rainbow:

Can’t really see who voted and apparently @here is not a thing…here lol!
@apostol : help? :smiley:

I might wrongly calculated the time zones, sorry for thar :expressionless: no problem in rescheduling if you aren’t on the meeting already haha :joy:

i want to bring the idea for was for the Codex be or DNA maded with the intention to be a compass and also for the sake of the whole system building - MBC and other circles, to be built and shared in common with all DHO’s, the RE being an inner circle / sub circle where the MBC skin can use as a bridge and confluence to expand the host/coordination for the entire ecosystem. Where we can have a better clarity of the pulse and so access the blood/resources/budget, to start focusing on the purpose contained in the codex. could clarify the ways to compensate for cycles the work of the core team and the continuous construction of our exploration… o MBC did a campaing it’s looking to have total sensemaking of DHO’s


So sorry, I didn’t get notifications of posts here in my inbox and was totally oblivious of this happening.

Do we have a new time for this?
Also if it’s needed I can be hosting zoom for this meeting, as I got that we are still short on zoom accounts.

Hello lovely storytelling explorers,

Thanks for nudging me back @psihognjen34 :slight_smile:

Let’s schedule a fun and light call to talk about our dear Codex this week?

  • Wednesday 16:00 CET
  • Thursday 18:00 CET
  • Friday 15:00 CET

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@MaxVBohn @thaynara @LaLaGardens @joaoestellita @cassius @niki @apostol @Bongi @ericbrown @Kath.PlanetHive @Arian @Melanie @mbh66 @RachelR
(And anyone interested :wink: )

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Sorry I won’t be able to come along this week. Have a wonderful gathering :rainbow::purple_heart::hibiscus::woman_juggling:t4:


Ok dear friends,

our Codex Session will be this Friday at 15:00 CET, I’ve added it to the calendar! :slight_smile:
See you then!


where can I find this in the calendar?

The RE Calendar

Hey lovely Explorers! :rainbow:

After today’s awesomely harmonizing gathering around the Codex we’ve decided to make it a weekly thing!
→ I propose that we keep the same day-time as today having our Codex gatherings on Fridays at CET 15:00 to 16:00 (UTC 13:00 to 14:00)

(Max, you mentioned not being sure but as I see in the calendar it doesn’t actually overlap with Inner space stuff, Friday seems to be a “calmer” day for most of us, easier to find an available spot :slightly_smiling_face:)

@ericbrown @MaxVBohn @joaoestellita @psihognjen34 @thaynara @cassius @Melanie @RachelR @Arian @apostol


May I be added to this?

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Just show up on Friday Tina! :slight_smile:

Generally that’s fine with me.
Inner Space stuff is not necessarily at the same time and generally the most accessible time for the world is between 11UTC and 15UTC.
The goal is to create a space for closure for the week for many RExplorers.

Though, I feel I personally can contribute to the Codex also asynchronously.