Co-op proposals working group

Me (Matteo) and Daya are kicking off a working group dedicated to improve the co-op system. Join in if you want!
We are now starting collecting questions and we’d like to have your support to find more questions and answers too!

We started using a google doc for that,

but I guess eventually as soon I understand better Discourse we can fully migrate it here :thinking:

Please count me in, Matteo.
I looked at the proposal process a long time ago (maybe 3 years ago) and found it to be way too complicated for the kind of grassroots (indigenous) projects I’m interested in. As a result I have never submitted a proposal.

Rookie question: what’s the very first step I should take if I want to revisit submitting a proposal? There must be a blog post or something that explains it and I don’t even know where to start looking :man_facepalming:


Hi Michael

On this page you can find all the details: Co-op Proposals

And about supporting improving the co-op system please add any question or comment you might have on the document

looking forward to co-create

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Thanks Matteo, I read the document with which you started this post. I’m just letting you know how basic my current understanding is - I don’t even know where to go in the SEEDS ecosystem to even start proposing something. :rofl:

no worries, there is space of learning, and having a perspective from someone fresh can be valuable. I think the website I linked you will help you to find your way


I just want to point out that the Google Doc and the Link that Matteo shared above are actually two different pages. The link is leading to Movement Building Circle’s Co-op Proposals page. They look very similar in the post…

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Doh! I didn’t actually click the link because the previews were identical. Apologies, @Matteo, the link to the Proposals page is exactly the one I was looking for - thanks! :pray:


I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to participate in this group, but I can join the meetings sometimes and serve as a technical consultant if you need one.

I’ve put this post up as a suggestion that I was thinking about for the past week or two. I’d love to see you use it and improve on it - this kind of process being included in an “official” guidelines on “How to do successful proposals” in the future. Hope it helps!

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Hi there Michael

I would love to pick your brain.

Can you share with me some more questions that come up for you thinking about creating a Campaign Proposal?

Where to begin? for example…

I am so super excited about all the Proposals that will pop up in the coming rounds.

And I can tell that it is very possible for you to create one of those :slight_smile:

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I think for Campaign grants of certain amounts - e.g. more than X mil Seeds - there should be a requirement to have a “townhall” public meeting with the community, video presentation AND forum post here - so there’s a very good visibility into what the project is trying to achieve and what is going to happen with the grant.

Furthermore, a process could be created where in order to get the next 25% of the grant, the project would be required to give a status update and that status update could potentially be ratified by the citizens or a smaller-scale governance working-group authority.

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I agree with both ideas and both of them gives me a sense of risk of burdening the process anddin bureaucracy. Especially in a future where there will be 10 or 100 times more campaigns.
I think having the campaigns in region-bsed will already help so that one is exposed to the updates of campaigns of one’s region and not to all of them.

As we are nearing section 2, I would love to open up the topic of Coop Governance (voting for proposals, proposal guidelines, …). I suggest this topic for an Exploration Group and would love to facilitate the conversation on this topic.

Who wants to join?

@Rui @Fabi @Magickdragon
@Rieki @nikolaus
@mbh66 @apostol

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Yes, please count me in. I have been through all the proposal material and what is missing for large scale proposals is a way to tie in smaller quests into a larger vision. My view is that unless SEEDS can support larger visions, we will continually encourage proposals that address only symptoms of bigger problems. This has been the essence of my tensions so far and why I am reluctant to submit any proposal. I do want to play at a higher level of engagement, but I simply don’t see a way to do so.

Of course, I may have missed something, and that’s why I’m keen to join this exploration.

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Yes! I try to arrange some sensing and working calls on the topic.

Proposal by Nik, Rieki and Julio