Bioregional economies

Here I would like to create a topic for discussion around integration of SEEDS into local economies.

First comes the question how we can effectively engage local community with local currency? What set of tools we can be using to provide:

  • Local governance
  • Coordination
  • Social interactions
  • Marketplace

Two weeks ago I have presented on the Annual General Meeting of our local currency with a proposal to create a DHO, our own token to move our local economy into SEEDS ecosystem.
Here is a little video with the same presentation I made on the meeting

Sets of tools I’m proposing:

  • Seeds light wallet
  • Localscale
  • Forum (Originally I was thinking of telegram but it won’t give that flexibility)

So the committee of the local currency HANDS decided to move forward and use LocalScale as a marketplace platform for businesses and possibly individuals who wants to be involved in trades with alternative currencies, as well as creating local forum. (I’m still on the fence between Discourse and NodeBB )

I invite any questions, challenges, feedback or advice. So we could refine this potential of SEEDS together.

Please have a look on the video I touched on some questions around local economy there that I haven’t mention here.



Love your passion, Dmitriy!
The only thing I’d ask you to consider is including local businesses and local government in your local economy presentation. In other words, how can a healthy 3-way flow be created between these sectors? Rather than asking for donations to the Community Chest, what problem can you solve for biz and gov, which results in them happily funding the Community Chest?

Think specifically of their CSR/ESG requirements (corporate social responsibility and environmental and social governance commitments). SEEDS projects are, by their nature, regenerative. This results in measurable outcomes (like carbon sequestration, which you mentioned in the video). Companies and local government are looking for ways to achieve these results. If you can put a proposal together for them, it becomes a partnership, where they outsource their ESG requirements to a SEEDS project.

Hope this makes sense.
I’d propose that achieving this flow into your Community Chest might be a more important first step than deciding on which tools to use. Once you have healthy funding coming in, you can make decisions about tools and platforms without being constrained by funding.

I strongly believe that local biz and local gov must form part of any healthy local economy. What do you think?