Autonomous Learning Zone.

Hi everybody.
I just come to give you an update on our proposal that has passed on last cycle, called Autonomous Learning Zone.

We have a team well designed taking over all the roles needed to make it happen.

We have already launched applications for the experience, through this link: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

We already have 36 applications. We are about to have a better visual design for spreading the event, so we expect to have many more. We have been holding twice a week little spaces of 30 min for answering questions of participants.

We will be accepting applications until August 10th, and then the experience will kickstart on the August 21st. And then it will last 3 months as planned.

If you want to read about the proposal, here it is:

AND… I’ll keep you posted.


Can we schedule an interview about your passed proposal? I will also invite someone with the technical knowledge so we might make an ecosystem session out of this.

@anahealingwords maybe in collaboration with the storytellers?

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Haha, yes please!

Would love to do an interview on this proposal! :slight_smile:
Schedule it up @DaYa and I’m on board

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