Abundance Mindset

“Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.”


This is a discussion about abundance, about creating a new world of abundance, out of the existing system of scarcity.

I’ll go with my share first:

In my mind, we must be in a constant abundance mindset to create a world that is abundant. Therefore also to create Seeds.

So far we’ve sometimes managed this, sometimes not, but in reality, even when Hypha didn’t seem to be abundant, in those moments, I learned that abundance is mostly about my perception of it.

I’ve felt broke before with $6 in the bank
I’ve also felt broke with $30,000 in the bank
I’ve also felt broke with over $100k in assets
And I’ve felt like I didn’t have enough money living in my own house with a million dollar view in northern Thailand, with car, house, and every need imaginable met.

Whether or not I consider myself abundant is only about my own state of mind. There is no figure of dollars I can have in my bank account that can’t have disappeared tomorrow - so working for “safety” is a delusion that can never work out. Therefore, all I have learned from the past about money is false. Therefore I am not going to pretend I know anything.

All I can say is, I am in control of my feeling state. I have faith I am supported by the universe, but that’s because I have tested this faith by having nothing.

In the creation of Seeds, due to the uncertain nature, due to different understandings of abundance, we all have run into issues. And this is not a bad thing - running into them is our way of being able and ready to deal with them, to overcome the shadows, and to transmute our own hidden patterns. At least for me anyway - it has been a journey of learning.



With Love from Paris, where I saw this paintings a day ago. I‘ll come back to the topic with more words next week.

Thank you @nikolaus for starting this discussion