About the Game Guide Evolution

The main purpose of the Explorers space is to be able to deeply understand, review and craft a well-made argument-tested Game Guide that makes sense and is aligned with the vision of the collective regenerative renaissance that we’re all envisioning.

In order to facilitate this process we prepared this forum space and specifically the category of Game Guide Evolution. We hope that it would enable us to engage this evolutionary process in a beautiful and efficient way and would facilitate deep and fruitful conversations for the good of the collective.

Please engage the topics of this category - read, write, discuss and create new ones - as you read through the Game Guide and gain more and more familiarity with it. A big part of the Game Guide covers how the SEEDS Ecosystem works, so it’s great to be able to read through it at the same time that you experience it through active participation. The main goal of the discussions is to bear fruits in the form of change proposals that would enable the Evolution and Thriving of the Ecosystem.

Good luck, fellow regenerators!