About the Exploration Groups category

This category is used for Exploration Groups created during Renaissance Explorers Sessions. The purpose of the groups is to create a Proposal to update the Game Guide.

There is an Index of the “Active” Exploration groups here

How to post here

Answer the following questions on the post:
(they can be blank at the start, but try to fill them as the group goes on)

  1. Tension / Starting Point - what tension, question or inquiry originated this EG.

  2. Proposal Quick Summary - general overview of what you propose to change (preferably using bullet points, or 1 or 2 small paragraphs)

  3. Changed Sections - what sections of the Guide are changed

  4. Impact calculation - what pieces of software are impacted (Passport, Light Wallet, smart contracts etc.) For technical questions seek @nikolaus or @julioholon for assistance.

  5. Proposal steps - a numbered list of the actions to execute the proposal.

NOTE: If the EG concludes that the proposed change is not necessary, the outcome should be an attached document summarizing why a change is not necessary.