1-liner statement to rally behind

Picking up on Reikis invitation to come up with a sentence that captures the essence of SEEDS.

Reikis original message:
Hey storytellers! We need a 1-liner vision statement to rally behind. Similar to Elon musk’s (however myopic) “civilization on Mars” vision. 1 liners for audacious goal.

  1. All of Earth’s rivers are drinkable again 2. From mother earth to lover earth 3. ?

Thanks, Miguel! Would you like to edit your post and add some guidelines for the 1-liner and other information - maybe currently proposed phrases etc., so the forum participants have more context for participation?

I’m also moving this to the Game Guide Evolution category.

Suggestions so far (on Discord):
All beings thrive on a healthy planet.


  • If everyone is caring for another everyone I cared for. -

• “the world works, for 100% of life, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offence.” - paraphrase Bucky fuller
• all actions/outcomes of civilization are net-benefit and omni-win
• good faith attempts to continually manifest the most beautiful worlds our hearts know is possible.
• Deep, Complete, Symbiosis with natural systems
• Re-Enchant Existence
• a connected, collective consciousness

“Unlocking $10 trillion worth of healthy flow between politics, business and citizens to meet the SDGs by 2030 or before.” (or similar)

Guy James:
Regenerate Adventure
Make Rivers Drinkable Again
Grow Connection Not Landfill
Green Our Cities In A Decade
Networked Renaissance Adventure
Spread The Virus of Adventure
On The Other Side of Grief Is Adventure

Carley Monti:
Food for all and regenerate our ecosystems


I like Jedi’s sentence for it’s simplicity and relative profound truth :))
Though I prefer to use “flourish” over “thrive” because it is the flowering, the coming into bloom.

– All beings flourish on a healthy planet –


And yet I don’t see that SEEDS is actually really doing that. What SEEDS is doing/will be doing is enable us to do what everyone individually wants to do together.

– Individuals co-creating the world (we want to see, together) –

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Sowing Future into the Heart of the World
Sowing Vision - Harvesting Regenerative Civilisation
Sowing Vision - Rebirthing Civilisation
Rehumanize, Regenerate and Heal
Living Soils and Loving Souls United for a New Earth


This might be a silly question but I am going to ask anyway. :sweat_smile: Where and in which context are we going to use this 1-liner statement? I would like to understand a bit more about the purpose for it. Thank you :raised_hands:

Reflecting on the input of @MaxVBohn and @Kath.PlanetHive I wonder if 1 generic 1-liner would be fitting for all purposes.

“Unlocking $10 trillion worth of healthy flow between politics, business and citizens to meet the SDGs by 2030 or before.”
I can see Michael’s 1-liner working very well among “institutional players” as he says, with people occupying positions of power within the public and private sectors. I like that it’s very specific and has some of the widely recognised sustainability buzzwords (SDGs, 2030), which work well as bridge-builders.

“All beings thrive on a healthy planet.” “Make Rivers Drinkable Again”
I love these suggestions because they have an impact on you on a deeper level. While they touch on a deeper chord, they don’t offer any ‘hows’ or actionable suggestions (like Michael’s), which make them applicable across different contexts, but also potentially miss those folks who need something more tangible to strive for.

What if we kept a couple of these 1-liners and used them according to who we target?

More suggestions:

Weaving Communities of Earth Regenerators
From sustainable to regenerative: evolving economies within planetary boundaries
Re-aligning finance for a thriving planet


Another suggestion of work in progress I’ve been doing on this:

| - Life as a whole sustained in a conscious and prosperous way with inclusive regenerative operating systems -

I also already like just what SEEDS stands for: Sowing Ecological Equitable Decentralizing Societies. In a vision statement that could be something like:

| - An ecological, equitable, decentralized society, accessible for all -


| - An ecological, equitable, decentralized society, accessible for all - @Bart

No brainer! My preferred one :orange_heart: . Simple, straight, and connected to the name SEEDS


For the detail I am curious to hear opinions on wether to use “regenerative” instead of “ecological”.

Then the connection with the acronym SEEDS is lost.
The power of your 1-liner suggestion is that it makes visible what the acronym SEEDS stands for. In addition to that, the word “ecological” makes nature very palpable.
These are my two cents :wink:

Empowering humans and Earth in their conscious regeneration

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In 2005 a team of us at The Pachamama Alliance were working on creating a program at the request of the people of an indigenous Amazon nation - the Achuar. They basically said - We love that you are helping us to interface with the “modern world” and assisting us in protecting the rainforest we live in and, our very way of life! However, as long as your are only doing this, resisting the pressure from your world will consume our lives. What you need to do is go back and “CHANGE THE DREAM” of the modern world. We created the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium.

The one-line purpose of the Symposium was (and is), “Bringing Forth an Environmentally Sustainable, Spiritually Fulfilling, Socially Just Human Presence on this Planet.” What about SEEDS: What about SEEDS… Bringing forth a Satisfying, Equitable, Ecological, Decentralized Society."?


I like it a lot Jon! “Satisfying, Equitable, Ecological, Decentralized Society” or it could also be "Spiritual, Equitable, Ecological, Decentralized Society…

We bring to you all, S.E.E.D.S. - Spiritual, Equitable, Ecological, Decentralized Societies

Follow the enthusiasm confident of being acting in our passions, with a meaningful and valuable recordings (footprint) using our unique abilities to continue building under sincronicity the renassainse and regeneration of all beings.


I like it. Spiritual, Equitable, Ecological, Decentralized Society…

Born of Mother, to root, grow, flower in love, ripen in seed; a promise TO BE received in promise of successive LIFE.